• Our Champion 2013

    New Ace

    3° Nat Ace PIPA Ranking Fond Yl 2013
    1° Nat Z Tulle 2.376b - 2° Nat Tulle 6.972b 628km
    7° Nat Souillac 1.081b '13 703km - 1° La Souterraine 170 Yb '12 >> Read the full story


  • The New Superstar

    Crazy boy

    1° Nat Z - 2° Nat 5.282b Souillac 703km ‘13 - 12° I.Nat Bordeaux 10.622b - 10° NatZ Chateauroux 5.997b

    >> Read the full story

  • Our Super Champion

    Mr. Tulle

    Erik Limbourg bought 1° Nat Tulle 7.350b 2013
    @ total auction I. Vanvuchelen

    >> Read the full story

  •     The Gilbert 

    Dominating the world

    Named after the father of Erik, The Gilbert bloodline achieved results we have never seen before.
    Father to 1° I Nat Bordeaux 10.622b '12 - 1° I Prov Blois 1.164b '13  >> Read the full story

The Great Story

Read the interesting story of Erik from the passion that sparked him as a young boy and the way to become one of the worlds best pigeon fancier.

Racing Pigeons

Take a look at a selection of Erik's superb pigeons. See all the K.B.D.B. Ace pigeons and the new introduction together with his exclusive family lines.

The Superb Victories

For an impression of all the great victories that Erik has achieved with his pigeons over years of hard labour that brought him to the top.

  • Latest news:

    Racing season 2014: already 4 x 1 prize from Noyon 177km

  • Latest news:

    Erik Limbourg wins 36 x 1° Prize in 2013

  • Latest news:

    Weekly update @ LATEST NEWS and RESULTS

  • Latest news:

    Erik Limbourg wins 3 x 1° National Zone in 2013



New Superstar "De Late Scheele"
Proven breeding cock Gebr Scheele

In search for new talent to strengthen the Limbourg team they purchased the "Late Scheele" NL09-3951616 proven breeding cock for Braad-De Joode. Father 1° and 3° Peronne 4.756b, father 1° Argenton 1.156b - 3° NPO 4.863b. Original Gebr. Scheele, son super couple "Superboy" x "Daughter 666" Melis.